BCPS       Burnie Court of Petty Sessions

DCPS       Devonport Court of Petty Sessions

LCPS       Launceston Court of Petty Sessions

FCCA       Federal Circuit Court of Australia

FamCA    Family Court of Australia

HCA         High Court of Australia

GAB         Guardianship and Administration Board

MHT        Mental Health Tribunal


Adj              Adjourned

ASD            Adjourned Sine Die (to an unset future date)

DP              Adjourned with a direction to plead

MEN           Mention

HEAR         Hearing (aka Trial)

CON MEN   Contest Mention

SENT          Sentence

F&S            Facts, Plea In Mitigation and Sentence

PSR            Pre-Sentence Report

PIM             Plea in Mitigation

PG               Guilty

NG               Not Guilty

NP               No plea

TNE             Tender No Evidence (i.e. charges dropped)

FVO             Family Violence Order

PFVO           Police Family Violence Order

RO               Restraint Order

DQ               Disqualification (from driving)

Compo        Compensation Order

MF&S          Make File & Serve (documents within time limit)

Concil          Adjourned to Conciliation Conference


s62G           Order for a Family Report to be prepared

s11F           Order that parties attend mediation with a Family Consultant
                    (aka CDC - Child Dispute Conference)

FDR             Family Dispute Resolution

FDRC          Family Dispute Resolution Conference

F13             "Form 13" - the old name for the court form Financial Statement

F4               "Form 4" - the old name for the court form Notice of Risk


1. Apply for funding by Application - assign completed form to LEAP

2. Response received from Commission; assign email to LEAP

        a. If aid refused, write to client to advise aid refused and that they have 14 days from refusal to seek a Review from the Legal Aid Review Committee if they wish, and that they can contact me about this.

    b. If aid granted, go to Time & Fees on that file on LEAP, taskcode LACTCON on their file for the amount of the contribution including GST. Prepare tax invoice and Word copy (PL Tax Invoice). Send to client with cover letter advising aid granted, and that the contribution is payable to this office.

Claiming Aid

  • A. Go to "Extend/Claim" on the Legal Aid eLodge system.

  • B. Tick the boxes of the work items claimed and submit.

  • C. Confirm amounts to be claimed on next page with JKP.

  • D. Print the Legal Aid INVOICE to the LEAP file involved.

  • E. In LEAP: Time and Fees - input taskcode LACTGRANT - give the figure including GST of whatever the final amount payable was listed on the Invoice from Legal Aid.

  • F. Create tax invoice with this work entry only. Do not prepare a Word Bill version of the tax invoice. Mark the invoice as DRAFT - APPROVED, not FINAL.

  • G. Email JKP to advise when complete.