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Online payment facilities are hosted on behalf of Petersen Legal by the Westpac Banking Corporation's PayWay Net facility. All transactions are in Australian Dollars and are inclusive of Goods & Services Tax.

If you have any difficulties with your transaction, please contact Joseph Petersen (trading as Petersen Legal) via our Contact Us page on this website, at, or visit at 54 Cattley Street, Burnie TAS 7320.

When booking appointments or making payments through Petersen Legal, card details are transmitted through a secure server using Westpac PayWay Net.  Card data is not hosted or stored by Petersen Legal after processing.

Legal Notice, Disclaimer and Privacy

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General Advice Only: The information contained on this website is intended as general advice of a legal nature, but should not be taken by users as formal legal advice. If you have a legal difficulty you should obtain independent legal advice as soon as possible. The information provided here may not be tailored to your particular legal problem or circumstances and may not apply to you.

Online Forms: Forms completed on this website direct their information either to web hosting provider, or directly to Petersen Legal. In both circumstances, all responses are password protected after you submit them, and submitted information is only accessible by Petersen Legal staff. 

However, Petersen Legal will not be held liable for any unauthorised access to your information, or any costs, liability, damage or other situation (whether by negligence or otherwise) caused by the unauthorised release, accessing or distribution of information provided in relation to this service. Petersen Legal notes that the supply of information by the forms on this website may constitute privileged and/or confidential communication and by using these forms you authorise Petersen Legal's use, retention and manipulation of that data which can include personal information, and/or information which may identify you, and/or information of a confidential or privileged nature.

Privacy: Petersen Legal has taken steps to ensure that any responses provided by you, or communications through this website, are subject to reasonable protection from unauthorised release or dissemination. The information you provide may fall within the definition of personal information  under the Australian Privacy Act 1988 (Cth), and by supplying the same via this website, you consent to its retention and use by Petersen Legal in the course of providing you legal advice, services and assistance.  Information obtained via this website may be held by Petersen Legal locally, on email servers, on cloud-based computing servers, or via online hosting facilities at

By providing this information, you authorise and consent Petersen Legal to supply the information to third-parties in the course of providing those legal services, advice or assistance, including but not limited to legal aid funding bodies, family law courts, or referral to third parties, but only to the extent relevant or necessary for your legal matters. In the event you wish to discuss any privacy concerns or personal information held by Petersen Legal on your behalf, please contact Joseph Petersen via the Contact Us page above.