Legal Aid Assistance

What is Legal Aid?

There are two main aspects to the Legal Aid Commission of Tasmania, an independent government agency:

1. Providing funding for private lawyers and public-sector lawyers to provide free or low-cost assistance to people with family and criminal law matters; and,

2. Internal Support, including providing free and low-cost legal services through their in-house lawyers in family and criminal law, parenting mediations and other services.

Am I eligible for Legal Aid?

There are three main tests for legal aid: the Income test, the Assets test, and the Merits test. The Commission provides funding for those in true need. Those who can afford legal services themselves (because they have income or assets available to pay for them) or whose matter does not have enough chance of success or severity are not eligible.

Examples of areas that normally do receive funding are serious criminal law or violence charges, family law parenting matters, and restraint order / family violence order applications.

Examples of areas that generally do not receive funding include traffic and drink-driving matters (unless a jail sentence is possible), family law property matters, and all civil litigation.

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