Staff Manual | Our Idiosyncracies 

Everyone does things in their way. This is a random assortment of hints about the way we do things that may make life easier – even if you don’t wish to continue some of them, it will help you understand your predecessor’s notes:




Files need to be checked regularly. Each solicitor’s diary has a list of the files for that day. Given our electronic way of doing things, you do not need to physically get each file out at the start of the day. You just need to prepare a list of the files in the calendar, action them, and put them to their new resub date in the calendar.


A shorthand we use on notes is a little like Parking Signs:


             R           Put the file away and put in the resub list for one weeks’ time

             2R         Resub two weeks

             8R        Resub eight weeks

             R 4/5    Resub to the 4th of May


Debt Recovery Procedure


If someone hasn’t paid their invoice, we follow this procedure. The 3 letters are precedents on our computer system.


(after 14 days) Letter 1             - a friendly reminder letter that “you might have forgotten”

(after 7 days) Letter 2              - “get on with it”

(after 7 days) Letter 3              - “get on with it or we’ll sue you” with a draft court claim.


After this point, the file goes to the boss for checking and whether we will actually sue. Sometimes it’s not worth the effort, or we are trying to get blood from a stone.




Client names marked with an asterisk on LEAP are “blacklisted”. We will not be acting for them, ever again.


Sometimes this is due to past client behaviour/misconduct. Sometimes this is due to a conflict of interest. Most commonly, however, it is because they still owe us money.


Conflict of Interest


It is for the lawyers to make the final decision on whether we have a conflict of interest. However, whenever making a new appointment, it is required that we obtain the name of the other side involved, and check our existing systems for a potential conflict. If you’re not sure – ask.


When you have done a conflict check, put “cc” next to the appointment in Outlook to show that this has been done.