Staff Manual | Leave & Conduct

Applying For Leave


Email the boss. Yes, it’s that simple. At least a fortnight’s notice should be provided to avoid everyone being away at the same time. Large periods of leave (i.e. 5 days +) should have no less than 1 months’ notice.


Medical / Sickness Leave


If more than 1-2 days, or occurring regularly, a medical certificate will be required. Please make your doctor aware when drawing such a certificate that “a medical condition” is insufficient detail. Technically, “breathing” is a medical condition.


Behaviour and Concerns


As a small firm, Petersen Legal prides itself on an inclusive environment and does not tolerate discrimination, harassment, bullying or the mistreatment of its employees. We also try and maintain, as far as is possible, best practice in occupational health and safety.


Issues with workmates


The list of concerns in this regard can never be exhaustive. However, if you have concerns about the behaviour of a colleague, you should first approach the individual if you feel it is appropriate, to discuss your concerns.


If you do not feel able to approach the individual, you should approach Joseph Petersen – or if your concern is regarding him, the next most senior solicitor in the firm.


If you do not feel that your matter can be dealt with appropriate internally or externally, you are more than welcome at any time to obtain your own advice from a trade association, union or external third party. However, please keep in mind that the obligations of confidentiality regarding our clients often override many laws regarding complaint procedures, and you will still need to seek permission from Petersen Legal to disclose matters relevant to a particular file.


Issues with work environment


Clients can be difficult to handle at times. It is not uncommon for a client to be demanding, abrupt, rude or emotional. To some degree this is an expected part of legal practice and we encourage our staff to be empathic, but not sympathetic, to the concerns of our clients.


However, under no circumstance will we tolerate abuse, threats or aggression directed at a member of staff. Should this occur, please immediately advise Joseph Petersen so that the matter may be appropriately dealt with.


If you have concerns with occupational health and safety, please feel free to raise it at any time. Such suggestions are welcomed. We also strongly encourage that you use common sense, particularly in regards to the lifting of heavy items, proper posture and use of computing facilities, and dealing with electrical/lighting items or high items. Always obtain assistance if in doubt, and do not do anything which you do not feel comfortable doing yourself.