Why am I paying for conveyancing?

Whether you're buying your first home, moving up, or buying an investment for you or your business, the purchase of real estate is one of the largest financial decisions you will ever make.

Buying/selling your property is one thing. But what are you actually getting for your money?

Conveyancers help with the due diligence process so that you know what rights might already exist for government agencies or neighbours, how the land can be used, and the rights that can be hidden away in records away from your Certificate of Title.

Conveyancers also make sure the settlement proceeds with all the safeguards against the costs over the property - such as outstanding rates, land tax, water charges and the like - to ensure you do not pay any more than you have to.


Legal Costs

(incl GST)

PL Legal Costs - Standard Home Purchase

Includes preparing your matter for settlement, land titles documents, legal checks on the agreement and sale, preparing matters with your agent and bank, and work around various geological, roads, power and liabilities issues over the property.

$1 000.00

PL Complications and extra work

These are uncommon and come about if there are unexpected complications in your matter, such as easements or surveys over the property, delays with finance and third parties, or changes to the agreement. We will always discuss these matters with you before carrying out such work. 

$   330.00

per hour

PL Legal Costs - Standard Home Sale

Includes preparing your matter for settlement, land titles documents, legal checks on the agreement and sale, preparing matters with your agent and bank incl. discharge of any mortgage

$   700.00


What are you checking for?

First and foremost - we check that the property actually matches what is contained on the Land Titles Register, and have you inspect the property to make sure the boundaries match.


Conveyancing searches cover areas such as:

  • Geological, Water and Sewage situation of the property and the ability to access utilities;

  • Easements, Rights of Way and Licences held over the property by local government, Hydro Tasmania and power companies, TasWater, mining companies (which can occur even in inner CBD properties) and other agencies to access, travel on or develop on your land;

  • Land Tax, Bankruptcy and for business, ASIC, State Agency and Personal Property searches to confirm that the other side is who they say they are and can carry through on the transaction.

Conveyancing Searches & Disbursements

Disbursements are the funds which we pay to third parties.
Items marked with an asterisk are searches performed
in all conveyancing matters; others may not be necessary for Vendors.

Bankruptcy Search*

Search of Insolvency records to confirm the other party is legally able to enter in to a contract.

$   700.00

Section 132 Certificate*

Local government liability certificate to confirm rates and arrears

$   700.00

Section 337 Certificate

Local government certification as to works, plumbing and building permits, property access and related areas.

$   700.00

Section 56ZQ Certificate

Advice from TasWater as to the status of water and sewerage access, works and concerns.

$   700.00