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Petersen Legal have many years of experience and success in helping parents to negotiate - or where necessary, litigate in court - the arrangements for the most important things in their lives.

Help and assistance catered to your family.

Experienced negotiators, solicitors and barristers in parenting law, child support and court action.

Parenting Agreements


We can help you negotiate to ensure the best outcome for your children, and for you.

Parenting Plans are signed, written, dated agreements made between parents that govern the parenting arrangements. Because these do not have to be witnessed or drawn up by third parties. They are flexible and relatively easy to create. However, there are few consequences for breaching it. 

Consent Orders are agreements that are then made in to a parenting order by a court (but do normally do not require actual court attendance, and are organised by documents alone.) Given that there are technical requirements it is wise to obtain independent legal advice before entering in to consent orders.